Therapy & Counseling for Behavioral Problems

Stephanie Legendre, LPC-S, Registered Play Therapist

Welcome to Katy Child Counseling, dedicated to providing compassionate support for families facing behavioral challenges. My counseling services are designed to understand, address, and transform problematic behaviors in children, fostering positive growth and overall well-being.

Understanding Behavioral Challenges:

Behavioral problems in children can manifest in various ways, from defiance and aggression to withdrawal and difficulty in social interactions. My counseling approach recognizes that these behaviors often serve as expressions of underlying emotions and finding “the why” underneath the behavior is vitally important to decreasing these behaviors.

My Approach:

1. Comprehensive Behavior Assessment:
I begin with a thorough assessment to understand the root causes of the behavioral challenges. This holistic approach allows us to tailor counseling strategies to the unique needs of each child.

2. Individualized Counseling Plans:
Every child is unique, and my counseling plans reflect that diversity.  I create individualized strategies that address specific behaviors, working towards fostering healthier coping mechanisms and positive expression of emotions.

3. Collaborative Family Counseling:
Behavioral challenges often impact the entire family. My counseling sessions include a collaborative approach, involving parents and caregivers to build consistent strategies for behavior management at home. Children have many different temperament and personality styles.  Some children are more people pleasing while others are more strong willed.  I use personality to help create a more individualized approach in working with children.  Many behavioral issues can happen when a child’s temperament or personality is misunderstood.  I help parents understand their child from a temperament perspective to help create a more individualized behavioral plan.

4. Skill-building and Coping Mechanisms:
My counseling focuses on empowering children with the necessary skills and coping mechanisms to navigate challenges.  I utilize evidence-based techniques to promote emotional regulation, social skills, and effective communication.

5. Nervous System Regulation:

Nervous system regulation plays a pivotal role in understanding and addressing behavioral issues in children. The nervous system, comprising the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches, influences emotional and behavioral responses to stimuli. Dysregulation in this system can manifest as heightened reactivity, impulsivity, or difficulties in emotional regulation. Effective intervention involves identifying the underlying causes of nervous system dysregulation, which can include environmental stressors, trauma, or neurological factors. Through targeted therapies such as neurofeedback, mindfulness techniques, and trauma-informed counseling, we aim to promote nervous system balance, fostering healthier behavioral responses in children and providing a foundation for positive emotional development.

6. Ongoing Support and Progress Monitoring:
I believe in continuous support. Regular check-ins and progress monitoring ensure that our counseling interventions are effective, and adjustments can be made to the counseling plan as needed.

At Katy Child Counseling, I am committed to guiding families towards positive transformations. By understanding the root causes of behavioral challenges and implementing tailored strategies, I empower children to overcome difficulties and thrive. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards a happier and healthier future for your child.

Call Stephanie at West Houston Counseling Center to learn more about counseling services for Behavioral Problems and Issues – 281.940.8515/[email protected]